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Remy Lacroix Small Breasts and Sexy Ass


Remy LaCroix is one of those girls who sort of got physically blessed in all sorts of good ways. She’s got a nice look, a great smile, and a really sexy pair of small breasts. Her A cups are just so fine, and a perfect fit for her petite body type. But the good news continues as you go down, the balance to her small tits is a truly sexy, round, and yummy ass, making this small breasted babe a total woman in all ways. Her neatly trimmed pussy is about as tiny as her tits, a truly wonderful hot small breasted girl. She’s also a horny hotty, and this scene from I Have a Wife shows Remy Lacroix as a true temptation that no man can resist:

Remy decides to rinse off in the shower and as she comes out, she sees that Johnny is back early from his trip. She asks what’s going while in her towel and Johnny just unloads on her, he tells her that he got into a fight with his wife on their vacation and she went over to her mom’s house. On top of that, Johnny isn’t even getting laid anymore. Remy sees that as a problem and as a good house keeper, she’s willing to give Johnny a helping hand, rather her pussy in this case!

Gotta love a sexy small breasted girl who loves to fuck!

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Terra Cox Small Breasted Amateur Girl

terra cox small tits

I love amateur girlfriend style sites because you often find very hot natural girls with sexy small tits. Terra Cox is a great example of this, I found her over at Naughty Mag’s Naughty Neighbors section, showing off in some truly sexy personal pics. This 21 year old daycare worker has a wonderful pair of 36B breasts, they aren’t big but certainly big enough to play with, and she likes that! “I love going cowgirl when I’m screwing so a guy can play with my tits ’cause that helps me to cum” Well hello girl, climb up on top so we can enjoy playing with your sexy small breasts and so we can see you cum!

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Serena Torres Sexy Small Breasted Latina

serena torres small tits

I love girls with small boobs, and petite Latina Serena Torres certainly has some yummy little nubs. I found her at Teens Do Porn, which is a pretty new site with plenty of hot girls making their first ever hardcore videos. So yeah, not only to we get to check out her sexy small breasts in nice pics, we also get to see this petite Latina hotty getting boned solidly and loving it. Her boobs are so nice too, small, firm, and her nipples are almost to big for her small rack, making them really look tasty. She’s an all out sexy girl who seems to love to fuck, your small breasted dream date!

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Hot Blond with Sexy Small Tits

small tits

I don’t know her name, I couldn’t find any indication, but it’s okay because this girl’s small tits are hot enough that names aren’t needed to make me happy! This little blond has got just a tasty body, with some wonderful little boobs. Thy are big enough to have nice shape and pointed nipples, but still pretty small. I think in part it may be because this girl is naturally pretty tall and lean to start with, and she is very thin and petite. Her tasty small breasts stand up proud though, very nice stuff! This girl has that naughty look like she is ready for action, got any ideas for this small breasted babe?

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Porn Newbie Carmen Calloway Has Small Tits

carmen calloway casting couch x

Casting Couch first time video sites are a great place to find fresh new girls, often with smaller breasts because they haven’t been foolishly talked into implants that they don’t need. Enter first timer Carmen Calloway, this girl really caught my eye because she is very petite over all, probably about 20-22 years old, and just has a look like the girl you saw working at the 7-eleven the other day. Her small tits are sweet too, not so small as not to have shape, but really very small A cups with nice nipples that poke right out. This girl is all into it too, her debut scene is pretty hardcore, and she looks sexy and hot as she does it all. Those small tits look great!

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Maeketa Sexy Coed With Very Small Tits

maekete very small tits

I was cruising around checking out some stuff when I found sexy Maeketa at Beauty Angels. This girl has perfect small breasts, the type of firm, perky tits that get almost everyone’s attention. This girl is proof that small tits doesn’t mean the guys won’t get out your boobs, because her boobs are tasty! With her orange sort of see thru top on, you can see her big hard nipples, and they are so nice! If she walked into a room I know a whole bunch of guys would be looking – and their girlfriends would either be getting mad or staring too, because those are nice little tits! She ends up fully naked playing with her small breasts and stroking her sweet pussy, Maeketa loves to get naughty and she uses her happy golden vibe to make herself very happy indeed!

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Madison Lain Cute Blond with Small Tits

madison lain small tits

One thing about checking out amateur girl sites is that you are much more likely to find smaller breasted girls with really nice natural tits. Like sexy Madison Lain here, this petite blond has got a sexy, tight little body and she loves to show off, she started out as a teaser but now she’s full nude, masturbating on cam, doing webcam shows, and best of all, treating us to a nearly unlimited display of her sexy small tits. This girl’s boobs are so nice, they are full and sexy with very soft pink nipples, and they get really hard very fast! She loves to show off her small tits too, she’s very turned on when she shows off, and many of her scenes seem to end in hot masturbation as she gets to turned on to top. Her small tits are featured nicely, and this little hotty always seems to look just perfect – girl next door and very horny!

Check out more of Madison Lain’s sexy small tits on her hot personal site, she does cam shows too!

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India Summer MILF With Small Tits

india summer small tits

India Summer is one of the rarest of rare things to find, a sexy 36 year old MILF with an amazing natural pair of small tits that are perfect and perky. I found her over at My First Sex Teacher, giving a lucky guy some lessons in MILF action, and getting her wonderful smaller 34B breasts out for us to enjoy. Her boobs certainly aren’t tiny, but they are just barely above an A cup, but with some nice shape and some incredibly perky nipples that get nice and hard to the touch. She loves to show them off too, and I love this shot of her small tit served up like ice cream out of her bra. Very nice and very sexy! Plus she does it all hardcore too, she’s sexy and willing and that’s even more fun!

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Sensual Sinia Has Succulent Little Boobies

sinia small breasts

Some girls just have a look, a way of acting, that is so sensual that you are immediately drawn into their world. I found Sinia over at SexArt, and I have to say that this girl caught me just with her eyes and her look. Talk about a sensual girl, she sort of has bedroom eyes, combined with a little bit of that “I dare your” swagger that is so sexy. Then she takes off her top, and wow, she’s even sexier! This Ukraine model and babe has got a wonderful pair of small tits, almost tiny tits really, just big enough to have shape and be squeezable, but small enough to be perfect for her tiny frame. Her nipples are hard, and they get even harder as she reached down to stroke her hairless pussy. This girl is horny and hot and sexy, and those small tits are perfect for this sensual babe!

SexArt has multiple sets of sexy small breasted babe Sinia, check them all out here!

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Sydney Cross Flashes Her Small Tits

Sydney Cross is one of those girls that makes your day just by showing up. Well, she makes my day by showing up and showing off her sexy small tits! This girl is beautiful, not in the super model sort of way but in that damn I wish she was my girlfriend sucking my cock in the morning sort of way. She’s got a rocking body, with some spectacularly nice small tits. They are perfect for her body type, small tits with bigger nipples, nice and lickable, and she isn’t shy to show off her sweet little boobs too. In fact, she goes all the way and a bit more at Cumfiesta, you know this girl loves to party and play!

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